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The Second Installment of Curt’s Crude Blog

How we got here and there and everywhere…

We choose this path-o-trash. Well before we were sleeping in the parking lots at Walmart’s and rest stops off the side of the highway we were working normal jobs for normal companies and posting pictures of our drunken weekend on Instagram like every other dirty millennial. We had moved in together after about 5 or 6 months and shared a room in an apartment with my two friends in Santa Barbara. I don’t believe we had any idea back then where we would be today.

Before Trailer Trash

We loved our friends in Santa Barbara but we knew that we didn’t want to get trapped in the beach town vacuum. While being a very nice vacuum, it consisted of, not enough income for rent prices that are TOO DAMN HIGH. We wanted to buy a house eventually and with my powerhouse career as retail middle-management and her aspirations of being a social worker, we weren’t exactly the most conducive environment for us to afford real estate where the median home cost is 1.1 million dollars(Yeah I Googled it, so it’s true).

We had an idea we wanted to leave, but there were some factors that definitely gave us a swift kick in the ass on our way out. Our two bedroom apartment that we were living in at the time was overcrowded by two humans and more importantly one scruff muffin named Cobain. The humans we had no problem smuggling in and out, but Cobain was caught by a worker at an adjacent building when we walked out the front door one day. The next week we got an eviction notice stating that we had one month to move out of the apartment; While this may seem harsh, anybody who has dealt with a rental agency in Goleta CA knows, this was lenient.

I am horrible at keeping secrets and the next day I effectively gave my notice that I would be moving to Colorado. Truth be told, we went and visited Denver ONE time and I didn’t even like it, but we researched Colorado Springs and fell in love with the scenery.

Colorado Springs

Alright, Curt get to the trashy stuff already…

On the way to Colorado, we became addicted to traveling. We both recognize that week-long road trip as our gateway drug into fulltime RVing. We only had what we could pack into our beat to crap 23-year-old 4Runner. The suspension had us basically staring at planes go by as we drove because her back end was sagging so much. We named her Kathy because she was a no-nonsense, let me see a manager, bitch, and Kathy got the job done(Sorry, all those none-bitch Kathy’s out there). I prayed a little every time I turned the key and that dilapidated V-six shook to life; This teetering on the verge of total ruin was addicting and almost like an itch that we couldn’t scratch while we lived in Colorado for a year. We both had great jobs, I was a systems designer making decent money and Brittany worked with animals all day long but we were like traveling crack heads.


For the last five months while we were in Colorado Springs we watched the Moss Family on their Youtube channel Less Junk More Journey, I can officially blame them for us taking the plunge. As time went on we started to watch other channels like Gone with the Wynn’s and Long Long Honeymoon, which were similar and gave some nice insights. We weren’t fans of the YouBoobers and YouAsser channels that just focused on the hot chick “living in a van” and explained how a French press works in a bikini on a beach and then zooms out from a drone shot as she’s swinging in a hammock between two palm trees. We wanted something realistic to look forward to, not some millennial bullcrap that’s obviously shot for Instagram and geared to get the most “likes” and “shares” by teenage boys.

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We built this dream up in our minds that we could honestly live on the road and see the country while working remotely. Brittany got a job that was fully remote before we left and I thought I could learn web development and eventually start freelancing from home. We aren’t going to talk about money on this post because that honestly deserves an entire write up, but let’s just say we aren’t exactly Kanye rich. We scrape by for the most part but we have had the most enjoyable experience of our lives on the road the past year.

Thank you for suffering through my barely coherent rambling,


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