Beautiful Beaches in Pacific City Oregon

Pacific City

Ocean Breeze. Blackberries. Cold Cold Cold


Pacific City is a small beach town located off the coast of Oregon, directly west of Salem. The town is famous for its Dory fleet, a small group of fisherman that uses traditional techniques to fish off of the coast. Each morning, you can watch the men launch their small boats into the water. In an effort to keep tradition alive, the area still hosts a Pacific City Dory Association to protect the delicate history of the small city.

The RV park had a great layout. The park ascended up a hill with each spot a little bit higher up, in an attempt to give everyone a good view of the ocean. Our first spot was on the bottom row and we did not enjoy it. The extreme humidity mixed with our over-shaded campsite led to a constantly wet, damp feeling. We eventually moved up to the top of the hill and had a much better (and drier) time.

On the plus side, the family lodge at this location was one the nicest we have come across. The lodge was large with one side completely comprised of glass windows, which allowed me to work and stare out over the ocean.  The campground itself was covered in greenery, including huckleberry and blackberry plants. There were also an immense number of wild rabbits roaming the property. They may have wild but they were well acquainted with people and did not go hungry haha!

All in all, I would visit here again, as long as we brought along a de-humidifier and a small space heater!

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