About Camping with Campbells

First day with Trailer

Who is Camping with Campbells?

Hello! We are Curtis and Brittany, two adventurous travelers determined to camp our way across the US with our two dogs, Cobain and Pancake. We love to fish at the local lake or hike up a wooded trail, but let’s be honest, our favorite activity is enjoying the local food everywhere we go!
One fateful night, we met in our college town of Santa Barbara. We had our first date (ice cream and bowling) the very next day. Our shared interest for adventure, movies, and Game of Thrones has kept us together ever since!
We packed up our belongings and moved to Colorado to enjoy the Rocky Mountains for a year, but we just couldn’t get over our mutual desire to travel. We talked it over and left the state within a few short weeks of buying an RV. Since then, we have seen and experienced some truly amazing things. Between living in our tiny home and building our careers, we are growing together everyday. And we are so excited to see what the future holds!