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The Story of how we got stuck with “a-hole”

As many of you now know, we bought our trailer in Colorado during the spring. What some of you may not know is that spring/summer in Colorado has hailstorms that make Armageddon look like a kindergarten snowball fight. Brittany experienced this first hand while driving home in the rain when she realized that she was the only car on the road and everybody else pulled over underneath trees. Once the hail began to fall she immediately knew why everyone was hiding, the first icy fastball from Satan cracked her windshield with enough force to send glass back into the cab. She then described how she “calmly” pulled off to the side of the road and started uncontrollably crying, by the time she called me all I heard was what sounded like a frantic teenage girl drowned out by machine gun fire. Outside of “Kathy’s” windshield getting cracked, we were able to dodge most the destruction of the freezing balls of death.

rv vent covers Hail Damage

That was until we purchased our RV in the spring…

rv vent covers Us in front of Trailer

I will eventually do an entire post about purchasing our RV as that is a whole story in itself, but picking up the RV was one of the most stressful, screwed up situations that I have ever had the dishonor of being involved in. We lived in a townhouse at the time so when we purchased our RV from Camping World we negotiated for a few months storage until we were in a position to go on the road or store it somewhere more permanently.

Fast-forward to the day of our pickup, we had just either packed, thrown-away or donated everything that we owned. We definitely had some items that didn’t fit into either of our trash cans so I just paid off a maintenance worker to look the other way while I chucked the big crap into the apartment complexes dumpster (There’s nothing you can’t solve with crappy hourly wage and 20 bucks). The back of the truck is absolutely packed with shit and then covered with a blue tarp, the back seat was piled two feet high and the dogs had to be lifted into the crevice for them to lie down; We looked pretty damn homeless.

rv vent covers Loaded Truck

With our load packed to the brim, we head out to Camping World in Denver, which was luckily on our way to Idaho. After texting with my salesman about picking up the trailer, he let me know that it was a little busy and that I should get there before 1 pm, he also then informed me that my trailer may have been “affected” by the hail but that they would let me know if it was anything “too bad”… When we pulled in we see our trailer sitting by the entrance of the lot and thought that was a good sign, little did we know that was where they put trailers that they are just ignoring and hoping somebody just takes it away eventually. Before I arrived I let my salesman know that I purchased a weight-distribution hitch and would like them to install it, something that we had previously talked about, he said that was no problem. I had to leave the truck running and the AC blasting to keep Brittany and the dogs alive and I waited for 4 hours in the front office until I asked to “speak with a manager”.

rv vent covers Manager Hair Cut

By the time I finally got some “help” from the “service” department (Yeah I’m doing the finger-quotes every time for a reason) while they were struggling with drilling 4 holes for the hitch install, I wanted to go through the trailer with the “senior-tech”. Turns out that those frozen death balls had beaten my trailer like it was in Chris Brown’s house, only my RV won’t recover as fast as his career (#somepeopledontforget). Luckily we had a rubber composite roof so there wasn’t any structural damage, but both our skylights took a hammering with one of them being completely busted out and breaking the vent fan essentially just leaving a giant 14” by 14” hole in our roof.

rv vent covers Damaged Vent

The entire ordeal of picking up the trailer took 7 hours and I am now currently on a road I have never driven before, in the dark, and hauling an 8000-pound instrument of death behind me that I have no idea how to control yet. Then, it starts raining and before I can even drop my 6th F-bomb Brittany reminds me, “Babe we got a hole”.

This was the beginning of our struggle to keep the “a-hole” dry. It was obvious to me that the children’s ladder they put on the back of our RV was not going to used by me unless there were dire consequences. That left Brittany as rooftop maintenance, a title that she undoubtedly will never forgive me for.

rv vent covers Showing the Ladder

That first day that we had to pull off the freeway at night and duct taped a garbage bag to the roof of my “brand-new trailer”, I was seriously doubting all of our decisions to start this lifestyle. I had felt gypped and pretty let down that my “house” already had problems we were constantly having to band-aid until we can purchase the stuff to fix it. Not an easy task when you only live somewhere for two weeks at a time, thank baby Jesus for Amazon Prime. We continued to cover up the hole in our roof with different materials for 5 months and Brittany continued to call me a fatass every time I said: “I will break the ladder”  whenever it started raining.

It was beyond annoying to deal with a compromised roof during the summer showers and it never stayed on while I drove so we always had to “reapply” our fix when we stopped. While we were in Idaho outside of Yellowstone with 45 mph winds every day it flopped so hard you’d think it was a soccer player. The other downside of always having a piece of plastic over your vent is that humidity was building up in the trailer and we had a hard time keeping it aired out and dry at the same time. The worst problem of all was that no matter how hard our “Roof Top Maintenance” tried, water still leaked in and I was constantly using our hand-held heat pump(hair blow-dryer) to try and combat any possible mold growth.

Eventually, when we parked for the holidays, I was able to install some vent covers that at least keep the rain completely out now. It only covers the hole but we still can’t close the vent so we still got “a-hole” up there just one that’s now easier to manage. Just some advice from somebody who has suffered from an annoying “a-hole” for 6 months, get the vent covers when you negotiate for the trailer and have them installed immediately.

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