The Spooooky Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel (Stephen King’s Inspiration for The Shining)


Fun Facts from our trip to the Stanley Hotel! Did you know?


  1. None of the Shining was filmed at the Stanley Hotel, though other productions have used the location, such as Dumb and Dumber and The Shining mini-series.
  2. Despite the site being an influence for one of his most popular books, he rarely revisits the hotel.
  3. The main buildings were originally bright yellow, a color associated with wealth back in the day.
  4. The Stanley brothers, founders of the hotel, originally set up camp in Estes Park in an effort to heal a sickness. The hope was that the clean mountain air would help Freelan Oscar Stanley, who suffered from Tuberculosis.
  5. Stephen King hated the movie The Shining and later produced his own mini-series that he felt more closely mirrored the book.


Final Thoughts

Estes Park ranks high on our list of favorite places we have been so far. The city was fun and vibrant, with plenty to do and see. You really can’t beat the location, right at the edge of the national forest. I am pretty bummed that we had never been here before when we lived in Colorado! Estes Park, we will definitely be seeing you again soon!

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