Pikes Peak Colorado

Our Trip to Pikes Peak:

Back when we lived in Colorado Springs we took a trip to Pikes Peak. We wanted to take the iconic cog railway to the top, but we didn’t wake up in time to catch it, so we ascended 8,000 ft of winding switchbacks to the 14,000 foot summit, where we were met with a 360 degree gorgeous view.

At the top they had (of course) a nice gift shop and some of the most delicious donuts we have ever had. The myth behind the famous donut recipe is that there were the first donuts to have ever been created. Upon reaching the donut counter, we saw what looked to be small plain brown donuts. They didn’t look like much, but the chef mentioned something about the altitude affecting the cooking process and that’s what made them so tasty. Whatever the reason, those donuts were soft, cinnamon-y, and unmistakably delicious!

On our descent, we were cautioned to use a lower gear to slow down the truck instead of heavily relying on our brakes. At the point where the famous Pikes Peak rally starts, they had a ranger who was stopping all the cars and telling them their brake temperature with a temp gun. I felt pretty damn good about my 11 years of driving a manual when the ranger said “Wow, you’ve got the coolest brakes I’ve seen today!”.

We loved our trip to Pikes Peak and we would love to go back– just for the donuts alone!


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